Stephanie used to teach middle schoolers, now she writes for them. She grew up camping and fishing with her father, and loved it so much, she won her hometown “Young Author’s Contest” in 7th grade for her story about a kid in the wilderness. Things haven’t changed much since then, although she’s happy to report she no longer perms her hair.

Stephanie once had a terrifying encounter with a black bear when it roamed into her camp one night and pawed at her tent. but she was relieved to discover that it was actually just her dad’s dog.

A mediocre fly fisher but known for her homemade cinnamon rolls, Stephanie collects typewriters and spends most of her free-time camping, fly-fishing, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and daughter.

She loves dogs, admires bears from a safe distance, and remains undecided about Sasquatch.

Her first book, He Named Me After the River, is the fictional story of a 14 year-old girl and her mother’s struggle to survive after a white-water rafting accident on the Madison River.

She’s currently working on her second book, Ghost of Shadows, a fictional story of three teenage girls who go backpacking in the Olympic Mountains in search of Sasquatch.

Stephanie is completing her MFA in creative writing of young adult literature at Seattle Pacific University, and is rep’d by Lizz Nagle at Victress Literary.

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