He Named Me After the River

There are three things you need to know right off the bat.  Number one, I live in Seattle with my mom Shivonn during the school year. Her real name is Susan, but she changed it when she was 18, and spelled it Siobhan to sound more “international,” which I guess tells all you need to know about her. Number two, I spend my summers in Montana with my dad, helping him with his research and rafting down the Madison River. Number three, I’m not going to Montana this summer, because my dad is dead.

So begins the story of Sloane, a 14 year-old wilderness lover who, after her father dies unexpectedly, agrees to go on their annual Madison River rafting trip with her Mom instead. Trouble is, Sloane hasn’t been getting along with her mom, especially since her parents split. They expect to take a leisurely three day float, spreading his ashes and trying to reconnect while adjusting to a new normal.  What they don’t expect is to crash, become stranded, and seriously injured.

They’re going to have to put aside their differences and work together if they hope to survive.

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